Forestry Services

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. has a long and rich history in the forest industry. We like to think we were lumberjacks before lumberjacks were cool. We logged in nearly every corner of the beautiful province of British Columbia. We have also logged in lovely Alberta. We are proud to have been one of the pioneers of selective harvesting and cut-to-length logging.   


Road Building Services

Archie Strimbold, the founder of E.A. Strimbold Ltd. prided himself on constructing and maintaining roads. We believe roads are the veins of the country and enable us to transport goods to market. We are proud to say that pride and ability continues. We have the equipment, expertise and people to meet nearly any road construction demand.


Recent Accomplishments

Valard Construction Ltd. 

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. completed its final day clearing the right-of-way (ROW) for the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL) stretching from 40km south of Bell 2 to Bob Quinn Lake. We at E.A. Strimbold enjoyed the unique challenges of working in the Cassiar-Stikine. We are proud to be part of this important project for the economy of Northwest British Columbia. 


Babine Forest Products (BFP)

E.A Strimbold Ltd. has a long standing relationship with BFP. For decades we have conducted full logging operations, constructed roads and maintained roads for BFP. We look forward to continuing to haul to the newly built sawmill, the most efficient in the Nadina forest district. 

 Cassiar Forest Products 

E.A. Strimbold is currently working with Cassiar Forest and Stikine Forest Products on full logging operations near Bob Quinn. As part of the operations we are bunching, skidding, processing, piling, loading and trucking logs from the cut blocks to Stewart. We have enjoyed mutually successful relationships with these companies. We plan to continue working in the Cassiar-Stikine area.   


About Us

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. is a family owned business that prides
itself in being the biggest small company around! We possess the ideals and compassion of a small company but have the plans, opportunities and security of a much larger company. We are a local family company that believes all of our services can and must be provided in the safest and most environmentally conscious manner. We are a company that anyone would be proud to work with or for!