E.A. Strimbold is dedicated to making your forestry experience the best it can be! We pride ourselves in truly caring about your needs. We work in some of the most beautiful places on the Earth and as such we strive to minimalize our environmental impact.

E.A. Strimbold recognizes the value of a strong working relationship with First Nations for both E.A. Strimbold and the local First Nations. Many of the lands we work on are the traditional territories of First Nations. Consequently, we believe strong relationships are important for the future of business in British Columbia and all of Canada. Consequently E.A. Strimbold has strived to work with First Nations companies (such as Deno Cho Industries and Kaamsim Contracting). Further, E.A. Strimbold aims to employ local members of First Nations.

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. is an innovative forestry company that deals with everything from stump to dump logging, road building to building transmission tower foundations. Our company is diverse and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We do more than simply complete our client's projects; we ensure they are completed in a safe and timely manner that is respectful to both the environment and local First Nations!

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. owns a wide range of equipment and has strong working relationships with an assortment of contractors. Therefore, we do not believe in the words "we can't".  We believe in our employees or sub-contractors and we trust that they have the knowledge to complete nearly any project.

E.A. Strimbold Ltd. believes in being a business that will go above and beyond. We believe that the best business relationships are ones in which all parties succeed. 

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