Luke Strimbold- Safety/contracts/agreements 

Luke shows great dedication to E.A. Strimbold; even with his very busy schedule as the Mayor of Burns Lake. Luke has worked for EAS in the office for 3.5 years and looks forward to working for them for years to come. Luke  approaches his work with knowledge and a will to learn. He is eager to help with any questions thrown his way. Luke is adept at finding solutions to complex problems. 

Brenda Matson- Accounts Payable/Receivable

Brenda has been a huge asset for E.A. Strimbold from the moment joined the team in 1996. Brenda has been the office manager for many years and has an expansive knowledge of the business. 

Marvin Strimbold- President

Marvin started working for his E.A. Strimbold in his late 20's and hasn't stopped helping to grow the company. He assumed the role as president in the late 90's. Since then, E.A. Strimbold Ltd. has greatly expanded its scope of operations.  

Erika Strimbold- Invoicing and Payroll  

Erika recently graduated from University and is currently working for E.A. Strimbold Ltd. to gain experience. She has worked for E.A. Strimbold in the office for three summers and looks forward to working for a longer term this time! She has a depth of knowledge in a wide range of fields including running equipment; which she did before entering the office work force.